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Smart breeders understand the value of the Angus brand.  Sale barns and feedlots are full of buyers for Angus influenced genetics.  When you buy one of our registered Angus bulls, you are eligible to his calves in the “Certified Angus Beef” Program, aka “Angus Source

Angus is a Business Choice

We believe that stress-free animal handling is worthwhile for both animal and rancher.

We use technology to assure that we pick the best sires for each cow. Using EPD’s and spreadsheets we calculate what needs to be enhanced in each dam.  Also in collaboration with the Angus Association we check for in-breeding coefficients.  Our goal is “for our calves to be better than their mothers” - and we have some VERY nice mothers !

Selective Breeding

Triple S is home to Hollywood Lake, a spring fed reservoir that is used for irrigation and watering our cattle. We have coastal bermuda pastures and plant winter crops of clover, rye and wheat.  We supplement with minerals and protein tubs.

Water & Forage



Bass, Crappie, Catfish

Trapped an 11 ft gator and there’s more every year...

Hunts and Fishing !






We follow Temple Grandin’s philosophy of animal welfare and handle our animals with care.

Animal Behavior with Temple Grandin

We love our girls!